S01E00 Natural Farming Masterclass Walter Jehne

smallholder farmers in Andhra Pradesh India

S01E00 Natural Farming Masterclass Walter Jehne

Module orientation and overview

Welcome to the natural farming masterclass.
The masterclass is ten (10) modules plus this orientation and overview module zero (0). During this masterclass, you will learn about natural farming, also called ecological agriculture or agroecology. Each module contains three key ideas, some related activities and additional extension material. After working through each module of study material, students may ask questions regarding the module from a subject matter expert Walter Jehne during a live question and answer session.  

Module purpose

By the end of this module you will be able to:

  • Understand better the benefits and challenges of the ‘flipped classroom’ pedagogy. 
  • Improve your understanding of the causes and Nature’s solutions to anthropogenic climate change and hydrology
  • Have an introduction Walter Jehne and the Regenerate Earth team

This masterclass introduction module is free

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