Starting Out


Starting Out

We encourage you to also explore knowledge resources and enter into conversation with the myriad of people and organisations highly skilled in this sector.

Visit Regeneration International’s website for an extensive resource collection and  extensive ‘How to’

Visit Regen Farming News’s website, a central and supportive online hub for producers and advocates. There you can :

1. Browse an international collection of resources in their Knowledge library

2. Connect with regeneratively based businesses in their Directory

3. Find the right Event, Course, Webinar or Conference on their Training platform

4. Find or post a job in the regen ag space via their Jobs platform

These Facebook groups are the best place to listen and learn and ask questions of other producers.

For rehydration, restoring water cycles and hydrological cooling of climate

Climate Water Project | Alpha Lo | Substack

Watershed Restoration Study Group

Water & Climate

Our Regenerate Earth  facebook groups are a good quiet start to reading. .
Innovation in Ag a non-climate place for conservative producers curious to dip a toe in

Carbon Farming and Regenerative Food

Restoring Water Cycles and Hydrological Cooling

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