Fire Vs Fungi

Fire Vs Fungi

Fire Vs Fungi

Our Choice To Cool The Planet Naturally and In Time

Fire vs Fungi: our choice to cool the planet naturally and in time from Stephen Curtain on Vimeo.


Tells an overwhelmingly important, interconnected and inspiring story that uproots the narrative of ‘doom and gloom’ and replants it with an empowering ‘yes, we can regenerate earth’s bio-systems to cool the planet naturally and in time and reverse climate change.’

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  • Fire versus Fungi; Forest and wildfire management options as climates aridify dangerously. By Walter Jehne – READ
  • The ecological reduction in wildfire fuels and risks. By Walter Jehne – READ
  • The practical drawdown of 20 billion tonnes of carbon back into soils annually, to rehydrate bio-systems and safely cool climates. By Walter Jehne – READ




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